Why I am not yet a vegetarian

So, those of you who know me know I am animal crazy. Crazy to the point where I regularly go onto YouTube to watch videos about animals (they don’t even have to be doing something funny for me to watch it) and I google “cute ­­­­­­­­­____________ (insert animal)” at least once a week.  I even love animals more than my beloved staple food, bread. Then one would wonder why in the world am I not yet a vegetarian?

Well, it is actually because I love bacon. I really, really love bacon, especially with French toast and syrup in the morning and a nice decaf coffee.  But what about the piggy’s, those cute, stinky, muddy creatures with the rosy pink noses and swirly tails that go oink-oink? Dude, I honestly don’t know. I think pigs are cute, but I think bacon is delicious (I can actually smell the imaginary bacon frying in the imaginary pan).


[Here is an interesting piece of information: I don’t like meat. It does not fill me up and I always feel ill after eating it. Maybe it is my conscience trying to kill me? But I still love bacon.]

Why do you have to swear off meat to protect the animals? Why put that label and food restrictions on your life? Why not rather eat only free range meat, boycott freaky slaughter houses and the inhumane treatment of animals, boycott companies/producers that test on animals, encourage people to microchip their animals, make people aware of animals that are up for adoption, do not hunt for recreational pursuits, protect animals that are close to extinction and be a voice for the helpless animals.

The Creator (it does not matter which God you believe in) put animals on the planet to feed the humans, but He did not put them here to be exploited by humans or used for cruel and selfish reasons. If you do not believe in a Creator (you are probably a non-conformist in any way so you wouldn’t want to label yourself as something) you can still do the above things because you still have a heart.

P.S. I do realise that there are different reasons for becoming vegetarian, like those people who want to save the environment, but I am not going to go into that. I am too busy thinking about bacon.

 Song of the day: Grouplove – Colours. Love dem dirty hippies 😉

Listen to it here: http://www.grouplovemusic.com/


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Welcome to my first blog entry

I started my blog. Finally!

I have been wanting to do this since 2008 after reading  http://mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com/, but I always had excuses – I don’t have time, what is the point if no one is going to read it, I don’t know what I am going to write, I am not funny enough etc. I basically demotivated myself for three years. Shocking!

Then last week Friday, I found the motivation I needed, here http://www.beingbrazen.com/. Being brazen often asks a blogger to post his/her bucket list and this got me thinking about my own non-existing one.

I was always too scared to start a bucket list, because what if one day when I am old and dying, I look at this bucket list and I have not achieved all that I wanted to? Won’t this be the ultimate disappointment in your whole life? Won’t this be enough to just kill all those happy memories you have of your (average) life by thinking you have not achieved anything when in actual fact you have, but those are now shrouded in darkness because you never went to France (or wherever).

And then I read this blog with the bucket lists and it inspired me to 1. Write a bucket list and 2. Start the blog I have always wanted to start, which in part draws a line through one of the things on my bucket list. Yay!

So, I changed my perspective to this. A bucket list isn’t there to remind you in your old age of all you have not achieved in your life, rather it is there to motivate you to achieve all you can and to live to the fullest so that one day when you are old you can look at the list and think “Wow, I lead an amazing life, look at all I accomplished that I did not even envision when writing this bucket list”. It’s like this cliché quote that I love: Aim for the moon and if you don’t make it at least you will be in the stars. In other words, write your bucket list, but always aim for more!

Here is my bucket list. I want to…

1. have an enjoyable wedding – on the top of my priority list for my wedding is that people should enjoy it, because it is a celebration of love. People must dance and socialize and basically just have a big party.

2. travel a lot – I am just going to elaborate shortly. I want to eat delicious bread, pizza and pasta in Italy. I want to see the Taj Mahal in real life. I want to go to an Eastern country.

3. be super successful and super happy at the same time. Happiness is very important to me (because I am a pessimist and an emo kid in general, but with a faded silver lining that you can sometimes see clearly).

4. start a blog and stick to it. Already done it. Well, I am going to try to motivate my lazy old self to write here as often as possible.

5. write a novel. And have it published and read.

6. raise a normal happy child. This will probably be the biggest challenge of my life.

7. own a swiss shepherd and a miniature toy pom. I love animals and I especially love these two breads of beautiful dogs.

8.  snowboard. Anywhere. Okay wait, anywhere not in Africa.

9. own a house with a real fireplace. It sounds so much cooler in Afrikaans though ‘kaggel’. Something rustic about it.

10. life in my dream house. I have drawn this house and I have planned the inside. This is a particularly difficult task for someone who can not even draw a loaf of bread. I know, I have a lot of free time.

Is there anything special on your bucket list dear reader? And what do you think of my first entry? 🙂

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