Anger = Motivation

I am so sorry I haven’t been a diligent blogger for a while now. I just had no motivation, but then I got angry and well, anger is a great motivator.

You know, I always said that I don’t want to write about politics on my blog, especially not South African politics. But I just cannot keep quiet about this.

I am a proud supporter of the DA (a South African political party, the Democratic Alliance). I feel they have a positive outlook for South Africa which includes all races and is built on equality. They strive for South Africa to move forward, out of this “race” rut, where everything is not just about race, but actually about building a better South Africa. They want South Africa to have a good infrastructure, a thriving economy; they want us to be corruption free and a place where criminals are apprehended. As a South African, is that not what we want for this country? Or is it that people in South Africa just want to fight all the time? If they don’t have anything to moan and groan about or people to blame and be rude to, they are not happy?

The reason for all of this anger towards my country? The DA have now progressed and elected a young, vibrant, black woman as the party’s leader in Parliament. This young lady is called Lindiwe Mazibuko. And she is amazing. However, you would not believe how much negative reaction this has caused from the public’s side. There are two news sites, Nuus 24 and News 24, one being predominantly read by Afrikaans speaking individuals and the other mainly by English speakers. So, here to follow is a summary of the reactions to the article about Lindiwe’s sucess.

Nuus 24: She is black that is the only reason she was chosen. More black people are coming to take over our country. She is taken away work from white South Africans who could have done the job better that her.

News 24: She is too young she has no experience. They just chose her to get black people’s vote. She is under-qualified. She is only doing this for attention and when things get to hot she will be bought by the ANC.

There were a lot of other comments and there was some positive feedback, but this is just to show you, the reader, something. That no matter what happens in this country people will always be moaning and fighting. Come on people! Half of you are angry that she is black; half of you are moaning she is too young. Get over it. Stop fighting and rather use that energy in a positive way by trying to make this country better. No race in this country is going to disappear, so look past skin colour and see the human behind it.

This to me is remarkable step. Yes, she is young. This brings a fresh outlook and new ideas along with it that in turn will lead to the DA being even greater and having even better ideas for our country. Why are you angry that she might attract supporters of the other political parties? This means that THE DA MIGHT ACTUALLY WIN THE ELECTIONS! And then this country might actually live up to its potential.

I don’t understand it. Maybe the reason for all this negativity and fighting is because that is all that South Africans are used too. I think it is because for 46 years there was only fighting and oppressing going on and people are scared that this is what South Africa will revert back too. But I think South Africa has seen what that could do to a country and hopefully the right political party will become our leader and that will not happen again. I want you to take that fear you are harboring and turn it into something positive rather. Be more tolerant of all races, be more accepting. Make a conscious decision to stop being an ass and make South Africa better.


Go South Africa! And Lindiwe!


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