I’ve lost my shadow!

Last week it felt like something was amiss in my life. 

Something is missing


Like I’d lost my shadow – a constant companion.

Shadow? Where art thou?


There were just too many open spaces around me. I felt lonely. 

So much space...


But then I looked again. You know. Like when you see something out of the corner of your eye?



How could I miss him?

"Here I am!"


My constant shadow was back to follow me everywhere. 

"Love me! Love me! Love me!"


And all was good again.

"!!!!LOVE ME!!!!"


Meet my cat, Ash. I call him Katjie. He likes to follow me around and attack my legs. But I’m sure he loves me 🙂 because I feed him and give him cuddles.


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  1. Helena Otto replied:

    Ek het weer twee lang plat honde. Die een is bruin en die ander een is swart. So ek het twee skaduwees!

    • imaginewisdom replied:

      Ag, dis te oulik! Ons het nog drie honde ook, maar hulle is meer my ma se skaduwees as myne 😉

  2. Sophy replied:

    Ja, liefde werk nie altyd nie. Leer hom om liefdevol te wees.

  3. Bruwer replied:


    Still the cutest cat around. I love you more than what he can ever love you ❤

  4. jennie jackson replied:

    What a cutie! It’s nice to have a shadow–even if you have to endure a few leg scratches…

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