Once there was a 20-something girl who loved laughing. One day she became bored at her job at a big publishing company where she works as a contract project manager and was inspired to start a blog. She ate some bread (which she loves) and drank some red wine (which she loves too) and started ImagineWisdom. This mixed her love for reading, writing and doing research. She thought about the things she valued, like friends, family, the love of her life and people who get her humour. And she thought about the things she disliked, like bad drivers (she has serious road rage), dishonest people, animal cruelty and people who have egos the size of big trucks (that deliver bread *hmmmm yummy*). And then she thought of something totally different: imagine everyone had to live in trees and there were no brick houses. She then continued working. The end.



  1. Barbara replied:

    Quirky and funny – just like you!

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