What? It’s 2012 already?!

No pretty pictures or songs today. Just some words to take with you into 2012.

Perfect. What does the concept even mean? The Oxford Dictionary of English defines it as: “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be” (2010:1320). I have to laugh really loud here. Excuse me. But has anyone ever achieved that state of being? You could be thinking your work is perfect, your relationship is perfect, that your LIFE is perfect. But is it really? How sure are you about it? Since nothing in this life is guaranteed. What do you even measure/compare it against?

Beware though. You could think your work is perfect… and then get fired. You could think your relationship is perfect… and then your boyfriend cheats on you. You could think your life is perfect… and then someone close to you dies. And guess what? The word “perfect” no longer exists in your vocabulary.

Who even thought to create a word like that? What could they possibly have been trying to explain/express when creating that word?

“Perfect” is just an illusion. No such thing exists in the reality we live in, as there is always space for improvement in this life. We are never really satisfied, even when we think we have achieved perfection, there is always something more.

So, my message to you for 2012 is: don’t live our life striving to be this “perfect” illusion of yourself in any facet of your life, rather just strive to be you, with all your faults and truths. People appreciate people who are true to themselves, and find “perfect” people, perfectly irritating.


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