Can a song be hauntingly beautiful?

The answer is: Yes! Of course it can. Silly question. I can’t believe I even posed such a question. If you read my post music makes the world go round you would know how important melodies are to me. I particularly love the song Skinny Love by Bon Iver (written by Justin Vernon) and in my previous post mentioned above I make reference to a remix of it, which I happen to also love.

And then one lovely day, I was watching tv and Skinny Love started playing, totally catching me off guard, because it was not Bon Iver or the remix by Das Kapital. This was done by a girl called Birdy and it was love at first listen. Not that I am shunning the other two versions, I really love all three now. The more the merrier right? So why did I instantly fall in love with this song?  Well, I shall tell you.

1. It is sung by a girl. I love to hear a female voice sing. I actually prefer it to a man’s voice. Most of my favourite bands have female lead singers. By the way, Birdy (real name Jasmine Van den Bogaerde) is only 15.

2. It truly is hauntingly beautiful. You want to cry when you listen to it. And not because your ears are bleeding, but because it touches your heart and you can live yourself into the song.

So, I am going to share it with you  so that you can experience it and decide for yourself. Let me know what you think.




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Music makes the world go round

I don’t know how you feel about music. But since I was born, music has played a very big part in my life. Here is an example to show you just how much music I listen to in a day.

I get up in the morning and put on the radio to listen to the traffic reports and the news, but I am listening to music too (and unfortunately the most annoying laughter and chatter from the presenters).

When I drive I have the radio or a CD on.

At work I listen to music on my iPod or on the internet.

When I am at home there is always music playing in my room, be it on my laptop or a CD or the radio. (Except when I sleep, then I need absolute silence and darkness.)

When I go to gym I listen to my iPod or VH1 on the machine.

So, as you can see there is always a tune playing somewhere. Plus when I must have a silent moment there is always a song playing in my head, I think they call it ear-worms? That’s when you can’t get a song out of your head. It happens to me all the time!

What this constant sound of music in my life does though, is it makes me associate certain memories, occurrences and people with certain songs. This is great! But sometimes the music is associated with bad/sad memories and I actually don’t listen to that particular song for a while until I feel that memory hurts less.

One of the interesting things is, we all attribute different meanings to different songs. We don’t all think that one song means one thing. Unless you personally know the artists, you don’t know what he was trying to say. You have your own interpretation and maybe someone else’s. But in the end, art is what you want it to be for you. By analysis of words and emotions it brings up in you, you make a decision as to what you want this song to mean to you.

I wanted to share this song with you. It’s Skinny Love by Bon Iver, but it is the Das Kapital rerub. Skinny Love is an incredible song in its own right – nice acoustic guitar, beautiful lyrics and Justin Vernon’s voice is raw with passion and emotion. But this mix is just awesome! Whenever I feel a bit down, I play this and instantly my head is bobbing to it, I’m humming along and I just feel my mood lift. Take a listen and let me know what you think…

P.s. Thanks to for introducing me to this song 🙂 I found it there. Oh and thanks to soundcloud for the clip. And thanks to Justin Vernon for making sad-love sound so beautiful (yes, this was my interpretation of the song). And thanks to Das Kapital for lightening my mood every time.

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