Be wise… Take a quiz

So, because I am a serious animal lover with too much time on my hands I did a few online quizzes about what type of dog would one day suit my family/house/me. The person who created this was clever, because many families end up with dogs that they give away after a few months because they are too active or they bite or they are too big, etc.  

My answers went something like this.

1. Where do you live?

Apartment, duplex, house with small garden, house with big garden, farm.

(Obviously I cannot foretell the future so these are all based on my hopes and dreams. Also, I am trying to be realistic, and even though I would love to live in a house with a massive garden I do not know if I will be able to afford that. I work in publishing not law.)

2. Do you want a child-friendly dog?

A)     Yes, because I have like three children and want more.

B)      Yes, because I have one child.

C)      Nah, I hate children and my dog should eat them.

(Once again I am being realistic. I am not very fond of children, I like my nephews and nieces and that’s about it. But I wouldn’t mind having one. And if for some weird reason it’s twins I wouldn’t mind having two, but that’s where it is going to end. Also, I don’t know how rich I’ll be and children make money disappear like Lego blocks and once again, I work in publishing not law.)

3. Are you active?

A)     Yes, my dog needs to take me for a run.

B)      In moderation, my dog needs to take walks.

C)      No, my dog needs to be a couch potato like me.

(Realistically, I run at the gym, so my dog won’t be going there. But I won’t mind taking it for strolls along the beach or to the park and throwing the ball.)

4. How often do you want to groom your dog?

A)     All the time. I would brush him like I brushed my Barbie’s hair.

B)      Sometimes, I don’t want fluff everywhere.

C)      I would prefer a dog that does not take a lot of grooming.

D)     What is grooming?

(I would love a dog with fluffy hair, but I am lazy when it comes to grooming. I hardly brush my own hair, but I won’t mind giving him a quick brush every now and again and bathing him.)

5. Do you want a guard dog?

A)     Uhm helloooo! I live in South Africa! Duh!

B)      My dog should bark when someone tries to enter my property.

C)      I said I want a couch potato.

(Be realistic people. You might live in South Africa, but that doesn’t mean you want a dog that attacks every living thing that enters your property. You can get a dog that alerts you when something in the environment changes, but that doesn’t attack without question.)

6. Do you want a toy, medium or large breed?

A)     Toy.

B)      Medium.

C)      Large.

D)     No preference.

(I really don’t mind since I want a small and a big dog. Ha! Tricked you, quiz.)

Okay, that’s all the questions I can remember. Here were the top choices I got from three different quizzes.


Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


















I am excited about this and it’s only for the future me 🙂 Which one do you think I should get?

What kind of dog would suit you?

Be wise and take a quiz before deciding to buy an animal 🙂


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