Imagine this…

It’s a hot sticky night in December. Tomorrow is a public holiday.  Beautiful people are milling around in the small space. I’m hanging at the bar listening to some unknown DJ trying to amp-up the crowd for the big act of the night. Goldfish. There is a cool breeze flowing through the open glass doors that lead to the white sand of the beach. The moon is shedding its light on the ocean; it’s streaming into the club with the breeze. The DJ’s set is over and the beautiful people start making their way to the small stage. I make the conscious decision to hang around the open glass doors so that breeze can cool me down when the music takes control of my feet. Anticipation is etched on the faces of the beautiful people. It’s time. The crowd is roaring. I take the last sip from my ice-cold minty Mojito and place my glass on the nearest table. My hands need to be free for this. The first beats of Fort Knox start to sound, the laser lights start flashing and the crowd goes crazy. Soon sweating is trickling down bodies and hands are waving in the air. I’m standing at the back; my body softly swaying to the beat and melody, my hands are making patterns in the flashing laser lights that are shooting past me. The crowd of beautiful people are intertwining and becoming one as the beat picks up. The volume of the crowd is increasing and I’m being pushed out of the doors onto the soft powdery sand. I don’t care, I can still hear them and the atmosphere is what makes this experience worthwhile. Besides, there’s nothing better than dancing in the moonlight on a white sandy beach.


On a hot December evening a girl can dream right?



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Enjoy the scenery

I think I am a hard worker who deserves to have some time off when the occasion presents itself. And it presented itself last weekend. I took Monday off and turned it into a long weekend (with Tuesday being a public holiday) and it was absolutely worth it 🙂

Friday started with some delicious sushi and a few fun games of foosball with five of my close friends.

On Saturday, my love and I took the road to Ceres to visit his sister and her husband and their cute little girl on the farm. We had a good drive there with snow decorating the mountain tops and baboons sitting along the road. When we arrived there we were first greeted by their two dogs, Jesse the cocker spaniel and Boo a.k.a. Kahlua who is a pure mix breed (see their pics below), and then the family.

Jesse the cocker spaniel

Kahlua the pure mix breed

We had a great time there, with my love’s sister making yummy food every day. Our hosts spoiled us rotten and they are easy to talk to. For someone like me who has serious communication issues that is a major PLUS.

On Sunday we went for a walk in the veld and a drive on the bakkie. I felt like such a plaasmeisie with my hair blowing in the wind while standing on the back of the bakkie. Here are some photos of the picturesque scenery.

Snow on the mountain

Pretty tree

Their own park

Eden on the farm

As you can see, it is beautiful. Sadly, our trip had to end and we took the drive home. But Monday was another big day, because I got to see The Used live! And to my surprise, also P.H.Fat, Lark and Fokofpolisiekar. Man, I was so happy 🙂 Lark was amazing! Inge Beckmann’s voice is so strong and full of life. Plus she wore this black cape thing that looked really cool! If I had to wear it people might mistake me for an extreme weirdo, but it suited her style and way of being.

As usual Fokofpolisiekar got the crowd going, they just know how to amp people up for a show. The show ended with The Used who blew my mind. It was amazing hearing those songs that I have listened to since high school being played live. Songs that I related to when I was younger that are filled with so many memories. Now I have made new memories with those same songs.

Thanks to everyone who made my long weekend super special 🙂

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