What exactly is irritation?

It is that feeling you get when everything at work is flowing smoothly, your work is up-to-date, you are in a good mood, your bread for lunch looks delicious and then suddenly, BOOM! Your very old colleague who is older than your boss/your mom/your gran/really old people comes and patronizes you while you were trying to do something nice for her before she even started working here, because you knew she was going to have trouble catching up. You try to stay calm, because your mom taught you to be a nice Afrikaans girl with good manners and respect for older people. But you feel it. The itch. Creeping up your neck, spreading to your ear, into your hair. It feels like everything is itching. Your fingers start drumming, your eyes start to glaze over and your ears are buzzing. But you stay calm (even though everyone has been telling you your face gives you away and you should never try playing poker professionally). You stay calm even though you have images in your head where you are telling her to go away and be old somewhere else. Rude, rude, rude. You stay calm until exactly the second she leaves then you plug-in your earphones and blast the music very loudly while having rude thoughts about her having to stay away from work for a while (obviously you don’t want her to die, you just want her to go away and bother someone else) and you type up a blog entry. It’s not like you can go and punch something, or go run the treadmill at the gym or do anything that would put your irritation to good use.

And you think: I don’t hate old people, I love them. They give me sweets and money and they know how to bake fresh bread. But god damn it, that lady makes me see seven shades of red and black dots every time she creeps up behind me and asks me what I am doing at the EXACT moment I take a five minute break to check out damnyouautocorrect.

Mood = ruined.

The face of irritation


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