Beach bum or Karoo flower?

Since I’ve been so inactive on my blog the last couple of weeks I will make up for it by showing picture collages of the places I have visited in that time. I have been excited about this post for approximately a month now. I made the collages and worked on Photoshop and just generally had a fun time!

Anyway, these awesome places are at total opposite ends in terms of the type of milieu they are situated in. One being on the coast by the beach (Franskraal) and the other inland in the Karoo (Beaufort West and Matjiesfontein).

I can never decide if I would rather live close to the sea or in the Karoo… What would you prefer? Maybe I would take living in the Karoo and having a holiday house by the beach? 🙂 I like that idea.

Please don’t judge me too harshly on my collage attempts. This is the first time I’ve tried this and it’s also the first time that I’ve tried my hand at Photoshop. Looking at these collages now I would definitely put plain borders around the different pictures because they seem to blend too much.

Some randoms from our Franskraal birthday weekend

On the sides we have the game “Pig-Out” and in the middle my “tattoo”. Very fake of course, but it looked very pretty especially against my pale foot and I found myself wishing it was real.

Franskraal's magic

Top left we have a random house right on the sand by the lagoon, on its right we have a long shot of those houses, then a really cool sign that was hanging in someone’s window, next to it is the house we lived in. I love that house and it’s not even mine. In this picture it looks kind of spooky, but it’s not. It’s lovely… and massive! It’s for sale now and it was probably the last time we will ever stay in it. That makes me sad. Then we have a shot of the street and then the water slide at the caravan park in Franskraal.

Franskraal in four pieces

So, over here we have two pictures I took from inside the house to show the viewer exactly how close we are to the beach. I quite love the bottom one. It looks very old-skewl. Then we have two pics from the beach. The top is a heart made of flowers that we randomly found on the beach. Pretty cute hey! I think it was for wedding pictures, because a little while before we went down to the beach a wedding following came from that direction. And then we also found this freaky looking shell creature. Apparently it stinks when you pick it up. I didn’t try to find out.

Let's go to the beach

Some random pictures I took at the beach. My personal favourite being the fisherman. I love fishing by the way. I found the lady walking with her orange outfit and matching Chinese umbrella unusual. It’s not like you see this everyday.

On our way to Beaufort West

I took these pictures while on our way to Beaufort West. We saw some trains going past and these pretty little purple, pink and orange flowers everywhere. It was very pretty, especially because it is usually quite dry.

Driving in the Karoo

Found that cross next to the road, not marked. We see a lot of those when we drive to Beaufort, sometimes they have pictures and names and sometimes it’s just two pieces of wood nailed together. However, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, it’s still a symbol of someone’s loved one who died on that road in that exact spot. Then of course there are many old train stations that are relic and abandoned.

Photos taken in Beaufort West

These photographs were taken in town at the local photography spot. It’s really pretty.

Some random photos from Beaufort West

These are some sheep we saw along the road, then an old fort that is (obviously) now abandoned and then the railway tracks. They basically run all the way along the road.

Matjiesfontein's calling

These photos were taken on our way back to Cape Town from Beaufort West in a little place called Matjiesfontein. The whole town consists of a very old hotel called the Lord Milner. I am not going to go into the history of the place, but if you are really interested you can just google it 🙂 And it’s beautiful! We have decided that we will definitely be sleeping over there sometime. We have also heard rumours that it is haunted. Double yay!

In and around the Lord Milner Hotel

Photographs taken at Matjiesfontein. There is also a museum. And I want a chandelier like that in my house one day. It will blow my visitor’s minds.

Odds and ends in Matjiesfontein

Some antiques we saw inside the hotel and one of the buildings next to it. There are quite a few of these old paintings. Mind you, there are actually quite few old things in the hotel. It is truly lovely.

Well, I hope you had as much fun as I had making this blog post 🙂 let me know whether you are a beach bum or a Karoo flower.


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And this one time… I stayed in a hotel!

Happy Spring day! So, in honour of all things pretty and girly I am posting some pictures of a very chic hotel I had the privilege to stay in. The Colosseum in Century City! It’s a 4 star hotel and it has the coolest wallpaper ever!  I love it! Thanks to the good friend who invited me 🙂

 Please note: I am not a professional photographer and don’t aspire to be one; thus these photos do not look as trendy as I would wish. Enjoy!

Comfy bed

 And yes, the bed was comfy. Soft pillows you sink into and a fluffy duvet.

Soft pillows

Pretty light

The whole suite had modern lighting.

Beautiful wallpaper

This wallpaper blew my mind! I want it!

Mini kitchen

And there was light!

Creative print

Check it out here:

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Welcome to my first blog entry

I started my blog. Finally!

I have been wanting to do this since 2008 after reading, but I always had excuses – I don’t have time, what is the point if no one is going to read it, I don’t know what I am going to write, I am not funny enough etc. I basically demotivated myself for three years. Shocking!

Then last week Friday, I found the motivation I needed, here Being brazen often asks a blogger to post his/her bucket list and this got me thinking about my own non-existing one.

I was always too scared to start a bucket list, because what if one day when I am old and dying, I look at this bucket list and I have not achieved all that I wanted to? Won’t this be the ultimate disappointment in your whole life? Won’t this be enough to just kill all those happy memories you have of your (average) life by thinking you have not achieved anything when in actual fact you have, but those are now shrouded in darkness because you never went to France (or wherever).

And then I read this blog with the bucket lists and it inspired me to 1. Write a bucket list and 2. Start the blog I have always wanted to start, which in part draws a line through one of the things on my bucket list. Yay!

So, I changed my perspective to this. A bucket list isn’t there to remind you in your old age of all you have not achieved in your life, rather it is there to motivate you to achieve all you can and to live to the fullest so that one day when you are old you can look at the list and think “Wow, I lead an amazing life, look at all I accomplished that I did not even envision when writing this bucket list”. It’s like this cliché quote that I love: Aim for the moon and if you don’t make it at least you will be in the stars. In other words, write your bucket list, but always aim for more!

Here is my bucket list. I want to…

1. have an enjoyable wedding – on the top of my priority list for my wedding is that people should enjoy it, because it is a celebration of love. People must dance and socialize and basically just have a big party.

2. travel a lot – I am just going to elaborate shortly. I want to eat delicious bread, pizza and pasta in Italy. I want to see the Taj Mahal in real life. I want to go to an Eastern country.

3. be super successful and super happy at the same time. Happiness is very important to me (because I am a pessimist and an emo kid in general, but with a faded silver lining that you can sometimes see clearly).

4. start a blog and stick to it. Already done it. Well, I am going to try to motivate my lazy old self to write here as often as possible.

5. write a novel. And have it published and read.

6. raise a normal happy child. This will probably be the biggest challenge of my life.

7. own a swiss shepherd and a miniature toy pom. I love animals and I especially love these two breads of beautiful dogs.

8.  snowboard. Anywhere. Okay wait, anywhere not in Africa.

9. own a house with a real fireplace. It sounds so much cooler in Afrikaans though ‘kaggel’. Something rustic about it.

10. life in my dream house. I have drawn this house and I have planned the inside. This is a particularly difficult task for someone who can not even draw a loaf of bread. I know, I have a lot of free time.

Is there anything special on your bucket list dear reader? And what do you think of my first entry? 🙂

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