Did I mention I have a new job?

Yes, I’m no longer working as a Project Manager in publishing, so I’m not sure what I’m going to write about, since I’m actually enjoying my new job 🙂 it has its rough moments though, but nothing really to write about on here (not yet anyway)…

I could write about this though: The turmoil of taking the bus to work.

Yes, I’m now in a position to take the bus to and from work. This suits me perfectly as I have severe road-rage and not having to drive does wonders for my body and soul. As well as my mind – since I have no murderous thoughts. I feel like a whole new person, I feel light and happy and good!

Anyway, besides all that happiness that no one wants to hear about, I have some irks on the bus. Like people coughing with their mouths wide open (thanks for the spit buddy, I forgot to shower this morning and I don’t yet have the particular strain of germ you are carrying, so I get a double dose of disgusting).

There’s also a lady who does the following. For the whole of the bus ride from home to work, she listens to one song ON REPEAT. The same song over and over for about an hour. And the funny thing is, so does the rest of the bus! Her earphones are those that don’t really muffle what you listen to, so it sounds like a radio playing out of her ear. I now (when she’s on the bus) have the pleasure of listening to David Guetta’s Titanium for an hour. Sometimes my ears start to bleed, other times I just softly cry and rock myself, but the worst is when I softly sing along in my head.

Side note: I have an iPod, but sometimes I forget to charge it, because I’m forgetful. Guys I have to share this too, because I feel so tech savvy, I’m posting this from my phone so I hope it looks okay. By the way, her song of choice hasn’t changed for a month.

This is often how I feel.

This is often how I feel.


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