Did I mention I have a new job?

Yes, I’m no longer working as a Project Manager in publishing, so I’m not sure what I’m going to write about, since I’m actually enjoying my new job 🙂 it has its rough moments though, but nothing really to write about on here (not yet anyway)…

I could write about this though: The turmoil of taking the bus to work.

Yes, I’m now in a position to take the bus to and from work. This suits me perfectly as I have severe road-rage and not having to drive does wonders for my body and soul. As well as my mind – since I have no murderous thoughts. I feel like a whole new person, I feel light and happy and good!

Anyway, besides all that happiness that no one wants to hear about, I have some irks on the bus. Like people coughing with their mouths wide open (thanks for the spit buddy, I forgot to shower this morning and I don’t yet have the particular strain of germ you are carrying, so I get a double dose of disgusting).

There’s also a lady who does the following. For the whole of the bus ride from home to work, she listens to one song ON REPEAT. The same song over and over for about an hour. And the funny thing is, so does the rest of the bus! Her earphones are those that don’t really muffle what you listen to, so it sounds like a radio playing out of her ear. I now (when she’s on the bus) have the pleasure of listening to David Guetta’s Titanium for an hour. Sometimes my ears start to bleed, other times I just softly cry and rock myself, but the worst is when I softly sing along in my head.

Side note: I have an iPod, but sometimes I forget to charge it, because I’m forgetful. Guys I have to share this too, because I feel so tech savvy, I’m posting this from my phone so I hope it looks okay. By the way, her song of choice hasn’t changed for a month.

This is often how I feel.

This is often how I feel.


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Stalker mentality

Why is it so difficult to reach people who think they are very busy and important? I don’t get it. I’m busy and yet I still have time to reply to an email or return a phone call. And yes, it’s quite a crucial matter actually. She should know this, since she’s so damn important being a marketing manager for a very big bank firm in our country, and well, the WORLD! And yet, even though she is so very high-up in ranking she does not know how to accomplish the simple task of picking up the phone or typing out an effortless email.

It started with me phoning every week (like a stalker) leaving messages on her work phone. It went like this:

I am assured by the receptionist that she is in office. They refuse to give me her email address.

Phone rings twice, and goes straight to voice mail.

I leave a detailed message stating my business, phone number and email address.

Ignore. (You know, like on Facebook, ignoring a friend request. Except, this is not a friend request, it is a BUSINESS REQUEST.)

Repeat four times.

So, I had to resort to extreme stalker mentality. And I did a search of her name and the company’s name on Google, like this: her name, her surname, the company’s name. And guess what? I found it.

(Oh, and in case you didn’t know, I am really, really good at finding things on the internet. My research skills are tremendously awesome.)

Then I had to type out an email. I spent a whole lot of time trying to find the appropriate words to voice my utter annoyance at her wasting my precious time. Here are some ideas I had:

Dear Maud

I have phoned four times now, and you have chosen to ignore me. I then had to resort to more frowned upon explorations to find your email address, since your company is too anal to give out. And now, I shall stalk you into replying to my request, like I stalked the internet to find your precious email address.

(This one seemed too psychopath-like to me)

Dear Maud

Fuck you for not returning my call and wasting my time. I hate you and your guts and I don’t even know you. But hey, here I am sucking up to you so that you can say YES. Please see my request below.

(This one seemed a bit aggressive)

Dear Maud

I have left four time-consuming messages on your work phone. They were very self-explanatory with easy to follow instructions. Could it be that you are deaf and could not hear them? Could it be that you have broken both your arms and cannot dial my number or email me? Or is it that you are just too plain stupid to follow instructions? If it is the latter, please explain to me how you excelled to get your current position in the company. I would love to incorporate the same tactics so that I too can be lazy, stupid and incompetent and still occupy a very high and mighty position.

(This one seemed too patronising)

Yes, in the end my email was professional and had easy to follow instructions. Let’s hope I hear back from her, or else who knows what resorts I will have to take to get an answer out of her. Maybe start stalking her home phone? Or home address?

Hmm. We’ll see.

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What? It’s 2012 already?!

No pretty pictures or songs today. Just some words to take with you into 2012.

Perfect. What does the concept even mean? The Oxford Dictionary of English defines it as: “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be” (2010:1320). I have to laugh really loud here. Excuse me. But has anyone ever achieved that state of being? You could be thinking your work is perfect, your relationship is perfect, that your LIFE is perfect. But is it really? How sure are you about it? Since nothing in this life is guaranteed. What do you even measure/compare it against?

Beware though. You could think your work is perfect… and then get fired. You could think your relationship is perfect… and then your boyfriend cheats on you. You could think your life is perfect… and then someone close to you dies. And guess what? The word “perfect” no longer exists in your vocabulary.

Who even thought to create a word like that? What could they possibly have been trying to explain/express when creating that word?

“Perfect” is just an illusion. No such thing exists in the reality we live in, as there is always space for improvement in this life. We are never really satisfied, even when we think we have achieved perfection, there is always something more.

So, my message to you for 2012 is: don’t live our life striving to be this “perfect” illusion of yourself in any facet of your life, rather just strive to be you, with all your faults and truths. People appreciate people who are true to themselves, and find “perfect” people, perfectly irritating.

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Avoid if possible

I’ve been working in publishing for nine months now and there is something I have come to realise: there is a certain type of person who should not work in publishing, and that type is ME! Why would I think this?

Well, people like me make other people nervous.

This is a conversation my direct manager and I had. Please note: my direct manager is a lady who is not fazed by anything.

DM: Hey dude

Me: Hey!

DM: Have you been in my office lately? No wait. Have you seen my desk lately?

Me: – Swivelling my chair around looking into her office – Yes. Why?

DM: Dude, my desk is chaotic, but yours makes me anxious! – Looks at my desk like it is launching a paper-attack on her

Desk on the left side

Desk on the right side

Yes, my desk looks like a mini nuclear paper bomb has been dropped. Here’s the thing though, I know where everything is. If you had to come to my desk and ask for last months proposal forms, I know where to find it. I know it’s under last months stuff lying on the left corner of my desk (somewhere). 

I would probably make a really good hoarder one day.

Friend: Hey you! Where is that card I gave you in Grade 5?

Me: Oh the one with the pink frills? It’s in pile row number five of room eight under the old Cosmopolitan magazines from 2008.

Friend: Wow.

Anyway, I still love my job and my chaotic desk does not affect my ability to do it. Plus I am pretty sure I would not fit into any other industry 🙂

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